September 21, 2010

Music Video Storyreel Character Bio

By Andrew at 12:43 AM

For my final project in the storyboarding class, I will be creating a sort of storyreel for a music video, composed of storyboards of the various shots.  My theme is “Miss Havisham, in a spacestation, is practicing being a superhero.”  So, as interesting as that may seem, I think that it will be fun to work on!  Below, I have included a backstory for the “Miss Havisham in space” character.  Enjoy!

Name: Miss Havisham
Favorite Food: Wedding Cake
Favorite Hobby: Matchmaking (and breaking!)
Biggest Fear: Fire
Favorite Place to Sleep: In her command chair
Where does she live?: Aboard the S.S. Krypton
Favorite TV show: Smallville
Favorite obnoxious sound: Laser beam
Backstory Paragraph (see vacant Planet): Miss Havisham was born on the planet Romulus, the daughter of a defected Vulcan ambassador and a Romulan intelligence officer.  Her defining moment was when her husband-to-be did not show up at their wedding, taking her fortune with him.  Dismayed, she retreated to her space-station home, where she lived alone, but she always left here wedding cake on display in the middle of her home.  Her superpowers developed gradually over the years, due to the cosmic radiation she was exposed to.  As well, her dismay gradually morphed into a quietly suppressed rage.
Dominant character trait: Brooding anger
Where they grew up: the planet Romulus
What kind of parents did they have?: Vulcan and Romulan
What’s the best thing that ever happened to them?: Landing as a child on the Earth.
The worst thing that ever happened to them: Her fiancé left her at the altar.

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