March 28, 2010

“Minority Report” Review

By Andrew at 7:02 PM

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Last night I watched a movie that I have long been told I would enjoy, “Minority Report.” I did enjoy the movie, and I could see why people thought that I would like it.  There are really several areas of the movie which I think it excelled at, including story, art direction, and effects.

I am a huge fan of Sci-Fi, so of course I enjoyed the futuristic component of the movie.  However, I especially enjoyed the technology, with everything from the cars to the computer interfaces being intriguing to me.  However, one thing kept bugging me throughout the movie: why carve the victim and assailant’s names into wood spheres?  Yes, I realize that the idea was uniqueness (referencing wood grain), but it just seems like a waste of digital technology.

The discussion of free will was especially engaging, including the look at personal choice in the face of a predetermined future.  It also made me think twice about how incidents in the past can influence events in the future.  Regardless, the movie was an excellent commentary on the exploitation of a few for the “good” of many.  Is the end result really “good” if it comes at the expense of others?  Also, can we safely “prove” a person’s behavior in advance through social scientific mechanisms and then make absolute assumptions based on those “trends” and propensities?

This was an entertaining movie with some compelling assumptions.  The conclusions the movie reached are similar to the ones I have reached, especially when regarding the preciousness of life.  Also, it also affirms my uncomfortability with knowing the future.  I would rather life my life as it is, and find out about it as it goes!

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