March 18, 2010

“Cosmic Humanitarians” Parody Movie Poster is Finished!

By Andrew at 9:43 AM

I know I said it would be Sunday before I posted again, but I just finished a project that I have had a lot of fun with!  For our “Inspirational Design for Digital Media” class, we have been redesigning old “Monster Movie” posters with our own twist to them.  For mine, I was assigned the “Cosmic Monsters” poster, which I converted to “Cosmic Humanitarians.”  Part of the assignment was to weather our poster.  We also submitted the posters in an online contest.  Below is the description of my entry for the contest.

“COSMIC HUMANITARIANS” revolves around the late William Booth who is just starting the Salvation Army in London. Booth, played by Norm Forrester, is visited one night by the ghosts of the great humanitarians, Mother Theresa (Andrews) and David Livingstone (Scorsese), who encourage him to start the band and hold tryouts. In a move reminiscent of “High School Musical” and “The Music Man,” Booth pulls together a band that takes London and the world by storm. But when Booth meets a futuristic being, who can say if the world is large enough to contain this formidable force?

This poster is based off of the poster for the movie, “Cosmic Monsters.” Instead of having monsters, I exchanged the main characters for humanitarians. The central characters of the movie are great humanitarians, such as the guy on the lower-left corner of the poster, William Booth, who started the Salvation Army. Building off of the Salvation Army theme, I included a drum major in the top-left corner and a top view of band members throughout the middle of the image. For the actor names, I researched various humanitarians, especially movie stars. The star, Norm Forrester, is actually the mascot for my school, and the reason I chose Julie Andrews and Martin Scorsese for the next two actors was to emulate the names on the original poster which, when next to each other, reminded me of my own name, “Andrew Martin.” Finally, instead of using “a DCA Release,” I used “MCA,” since that is a prominent building for the arts on our campus.
Layout, typography, style, and color are all closely based off of the feel of the original “Cosmic Monsters” movie poster.

Click on each of the images to see larger versions!


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