December 18, 2009

Presentation Recap

By Andrew at 12:06 AM
On Wednesday I gave a presentation to members of the campus community about my independent study on the renderfarm.  I was grateful to have individuals from Tech Services, the DMA Department, the Computer Science Department, and other areas in attendance.  In the presentation, I covered the basics of rendering computer graphics and how these principles were expanded into our renderfarm.  I then proceeded to cover the different tasks I completed as part of the independent study.  I finished up with a very productive question and answer session, with many helpful questions being raised.
I would like to thank Bob Landon for his assistance in completing this study, as well as Dr. Lehman for helping me to pursue this opportunity.  I look forward to continuing work on the render farm over J-Term and even into next semester.
Thanks for reading!
Andrew Martin
1 hour
53.5 hours total for the project

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