December 8, 2009

Better Late than Never…

By Andrew at 9:45 PM
Unfortunately, I did not blog from two weeks ago (which was actually three weeks ago because of our Thanksgiving break).  However, I did not accomplish much that on Friday because of a server failure at Tech Services.  It was not that big of a deal, except for the fact that the renderfarm’s shaders were stored on the server that was the replacement server.  So I spent most of my time on the renderfarm that week cleaning up my scripting, organizing the render console, and remapping the render shaders folder.  i basically found that in order to remap the shaders, we just need to update the links in the rayrc file and put it on the machines that will be acting as render clients.  I have also found a tool that allows for remote command-line execution (using authentication) that could be helpful for pushing these somewhat small updates out.  The tool is not quite working yet, but I have been talking to Bob about it.
Professor Ballinger from the DMA department has asked me to present to his two advanced 3D Animation classes about how to prepare projects for the renderfarm.  In order to do that, I have been talking to him and Bob about the procedures surrounding the process.  Basically, we are discussing the specifics of how the render wrangler is notified of a job that a students wants rendered and the procedure of “waiting in line” for projects that are submitted as higher priority.  I think that this will be a procedure that really develops itself over the tenure of the first official render wrangler next semester.
Coming up next week… documentation!
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