November 12, 2009

Measurable Success

By Andrew at 8:15 PM
After spending around thirteen hours last week working on the render farm, we have successfully managed to send a sizeable job through the pipeline.  Now, I just need to establish what the bounds of that pipeline are!  Regardless, I was able to configure the render farm last Friday in a way that would actually render frames on around thirty machines.  The only problem now is that the machines are falling to sleep and not waking up when commanded…
I wrote a script last week that copies the RenderPal directory from the server and initializes the service required to run the RenderPal client.  The script also updates computers that already have RenderPal installed, setting network shares up and other such requirements.  My main nemesis continues to be DeepFreeze, since whenever I think I make changes to the machines, the changes revert.  I think that the problem is that DeepFreeze has to be left off for an additional reboot cycle once I make changes, which does not really make sense.  Also, I need to be sure that any Windows updates install while I have DeepFreeze off so that they will not be stuck in a reboot cycle after DeepFreeze is turned back on.
Tomorrow I am planning to work on waking the render farm remotely!
13 hrs.

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