October 30, 2009

A Cautious Hurrah…

By Andrew at 11:59 PM
Do I say it?  Will it just break down once I mention it?  Anyhow, I am extremely excited and grateful to say, the render farm is working!  Bob and I got it to a place today where I can render out complete scenes.  This is exciting!  I have already rendered out a homework assignment in HD in around an hour that would have taken much, much longer had I done it on a single machine.
This does not mean that all our problems are gone, however.  I currently have the RenderPal client configured properly on eight out of thirty machines in one of the labs.  This will not be hard to fix, however, since I already know what needs to be done.  Also, output is still not going to the intended location, but I at least know where it is going and can relocate files as needed.  The renderers are still extremely picky about textures, so I imagine that there will be issues once students actually start rendering and realize that there file mappings are sometimes mixed up.  That should not be too difficult to work out though.
Next week, I hope to reconfigure the machines, or else at least write some scripts to help me with the configurations!
3.5 hours

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