October 8, 2009

Changing Directions (or maintaining the same direction currently traveled?)

By Andrew at 6:29 PM
So I was able to obtain images from MentalRay directly last week.  This was encouraging, because I was starting to wonder if that was even possible anymore.  The downside is that I was doing this fairly manually since RenderPAL does not seem to be fully configured.  Anyhow, I have learned quite a bit about working with MentalRay directly, which could definitely come in handy with future configurations.
My time was essentially spent working from the ground on up with MentalRay.  I started with just running the ray command.  After this worked, I tried rendering a scene locally.  When this worked, I tried rendering a project that was hosted on the server.  When THAT worked, I tried rendering a file OUT to the server.  I had some issues with this, but I was finally able to render out to a different server.  I also found that RenderPAL was outputting an improper string to initiate the rendering, but I have not figured out how that can be fixed yet.
Supposedly I will be getting a project soon that needs to be rendered out, but we will have to see how far I can get with the back-end programs.
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