Industrial Light & Magic

I have worked in production at ILM since 2015 on movies such as Rogue One, Bumblebee: The Movie, Us, Warcraft, Ant-Man, Deepwater Horizon, and Captain Marvel as well as the Mission: Space ride at Epcot. In my production management role I have coordinated multiple departments simultaneously, traveled on set with a layout artist to document setups, and managed work distribution to third-party vendors. I have worked with many fantastically talented individuals and teams, and I greatly enjoyed the experience I have gained through these projects!

PDI/DreamWorks Animation SKG

From fall 2011 through January 2015 I worked as a render wrangler at PDI/DreamWorks Animation in Redwood City, California. To see a list of projects I worked on take a look at my imdbLogo  page!

What Remains

During my senior year of college, I produced a short-film as a member of a very talented team of six animators. We each served various roles on this project, but my roles revolved around producing, technical direction, and render management.



HighMarks is an iPad app that I developed based off of an idea from and partnership with a professor of English from Huntington University, Dr. Del Doughty.

Mafia Card Dealer

Mafia Dealer Icon

This app originated as a project prepared for a January-Term class in college. It is currently not operational as I had built the app for an older version of iOS.

“Buck Denver Asks…”

I briefly worked on a children’s DVD in Chicago, compositing and animating digital images behind puppet actors. This was my first employment after graduation, and a great preparation for future positions in the industry. It also prepared me for life in the “big city” to some extent.

Demo Reel

My demo reel is a bit outdated, as it mainly contains examples of technical proficiency with various software packages. However, I enjoyed every project for the unique challenges presented in each, and the preparation they provided for subsequent endeavors.