Player 1
Now you do not need a deck of cards to play the group game 'Mafia'! Tap the card to view your role, then pass the device around so that other players can see their own role. The card advances automatically to the next player. Players who are Mafia have an Ace, Detectives have a King, Doctors have a Queen, and everyone else is a Citizen. If you forget your role, use the arrows to find your card. The icons at the bottom of the screen are to shuffle for a new game, establish number of players, and get help.

HOW TO PLAY MAFIA: One player holds the role of Narrator. The other players find their role through the Mafia Dealer. Mafia (Aces) are out to kill all citizens. The Detectives (Kings) are trying to discover who the Mafia are. The Doctor (a Queen) is trying to save Citizens who have been targeted by the Mafia. With all the players sitting in a circle, the Narrator has everyone close their eyes. Then he tells the Mafia to 'wake up' and choose a citizen to dispose of. Once a consensus is obtained, the Mafia close their eyes again. The Narrator repeats the process with the Detectives and Doctor in sequence, asking who the Detectives think is a Mafia member and nodding whether they are correct or not, and then asking who the doctor would like to heal. After this procedure is complete, the narrator tells everyone to open their eyes. The narrator announces who has been disposed of, unless they were healed by the Doctor, in which case the Narrator says, without names, that a healing has happened. At this point, everyone still in the game chooses one person to accuse of being the Mafia, puts them through a mock trial, and if the majority thinks the accused is guilty, the person is disposed of and everyone goes back to sleep. To end the game, if no Citizens remain and there is at least one Mafia member left, the Mafia win. If all members of the Mafia are disposed of, then the Citizens/Doctors/Detectives win. The Narrator will keep track of the players as they 'awake' each round. Remember, keep your role secret, and be quiet while your eyes are closed!