November 24, 2012

Looking East

By Andrew at 5:35 PM

Last month I made a trip back to the Midwest for a few days. The timing was great, as I was at the point where I needed a break from routine and to visit family. I apologize for not writing for the past several weeks, as I have started a new work schedule and have been playing catch-up on several things.
After work one Friday morning I headed to the San Jose airport to catch my first flight to Chicago. This was my first time flying out of San Jose, and I really like the airport. It did not seem too busy, even on a Friday afternoon. I actually had the opportunity to fly out of here once more since then, but that story deserves its own post.
My second flight was from Chicago to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where some friends picked me up and traveled to Steak ‘n Shake, a personal request as California does not have Steak ‘n Shake restaurants. More friends met us there, and I had a great time catching up with everyone. As it was already late, and I had a speech the following morning, we headed back to Huntington University for the night. The following morning, I visited with my sister, an admissions counselor at the school, before my speech.
I had the great honor of presenting a speech at the dedication ceremony for the new “Martin Center for Digital Media Arts” at the Huntington campus on Saturday morning. No, it was not named after me, contrary to the popular assumption, but after a couple who, through business ventures and philanthropy, supported the renovations of the digital media space. I just happen to share their last name! It was a neat ceremony, attended by many students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others that I really appreciated having the opportunity to speak with. Perhaps next week I will post my speech to share, but it was essentially my thoughts on what it meant to graduate from the animation program and enter the animation industry.
Afterward, I screened my team’s senior film and answered questions on the development of that project, as well as how it helped prepare me for my current role. I was grateful that Jesse Nelson and Drew Vosburg, two of the members of my senior project team, were there as well. I spent the rest of the day visiting, eating too much, and sleeping too little!
On Sunday I traveled southward to visit my younger sister at another college in Indiana. We met up with the rest of my family there and spent the afternoon touring that campus before heading back to Ohio. I spent Sunday afternoon through Tuesday in Ohio, and then headed to the Dayton airport for my return trip to California.
While this was a very short trip, it was timed perfectly. Time carries on, and as it does, people move around and transition into the next stages of life. I hope that I continue to have opportunities to visit the people whom I have come into contact with, whether we cross paths in California, the Midwest, or elsewhere.

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