May 16, 2012

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

By Andrew at 8:28 AM

Huntington, Indiana, from the sky

This past week I traveled back to the Midwest for a couple of days for my sister’s college graduation and to visit with family. This was the first time that I have been back there since starting my job in the San Francisco area, so it was a much appreciated visit to more familiar surroundings. I was back for less than a week, but I was still able to visit many people, including friends and family who were in from anywhere as far away as Brazil (yes, the country!) to Eaton, Ohio.

I left for the airport on Friday, right after finishing my shift at work. I live a couple of blocks away from a train station, so I was able to walk to the station and catch a sequence of trains to the San Francisco International Airport, all without having to drive. This was my first time riding the train as far north as the airport, but everything ended up working out well and getting me where I needed to be with plenty of time to spare.
Once my flight landed in Chicago, I was picked up by some very good friends who are currently living in the suburbs of Chicago and who were also traveling down to Huntington, Indiana for the Commencement exercises. By the time we rolled into Huntington, I had been awake for 24 hours straight, with only a couple of short naps on the plane and on the drive to Indiana. Upon arrival, I saw my sister and stayed with some friends who were graduating the next day. But, in normal college-student fashion, we did not get to bed until nearly 5am!
The next day, Saturday, I was up early to see my family before the Baccalaureate service. I was also able to see quite a few professors and other Huntington staff throughout the day, but there were still many more who I wish I had been able to visit with. I was able to have dinner with a professor who I am working on a development project with, as well as getting some photos with several of the graduates.
I spent the night with another friend who graduated last year, but by that point I was so exhausted that I kept falling asleep while talking with him! Fortunately, I was able to get some good sleep that night, and then got on the road bright and early to be home for Mother’s Day. Most of the rest of Sunday and on through Wednesday was spent at home with my family, including skiing a little Tuesday evening.
I really enjoyed my trip back to Ohio, even though it was so short. I wish that I had more time to visit, but that may need to wait until I have more vacation time to work with. Even though I have moved to sunny California, I still enjoy visiting the Midwest.  I do enjoy my time out here, but I also remember and appreciate where I came from!

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