December 9, 2009

Presentation and Documentation

By Andrew at 11:49 AM
Right before Thanksgiving break I was asked to present to the advanced 3D animation classes on how to properly format projects for the renderfarm.  I spoke for around half an hour for each class about the various steps required to optimize the Maya scenes, as well as how to export projects.  I had the students follow along so that they could see how to prepare their own projects for the renderfarm.  I think that the presentations went fairly well, and I was actually able to address some issues that I had not foreseen by following along with the twenty plus students through the process.

I also wrote the documentation for setting up render projects for the renderfarm.  Basically, this was the print version of the presentations I gave, written in such a way that I hope just about anyone can follow along.  I had a friend of mine test out the documentation, with him having basically no working knowledge of Maya up to that point.  I let him follow the documentation himself, with me merely prompting him when something did not go quite right and adjusting the documentation accordingly.  Professor Ballinger has now distributed the documentation to the classes that need it, so we should be well on our way to rendering some projects!

A few students are having me render their projects even this week, so I will be playing render wrangler through the end of the semester.


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