October 28, 2009

Mass Deployment!

By Andrew at 10:35 PM
Ok, so perhaps mass deployment is not an accurate description of what I actually did last week, but it felt like it!  For the first hour, I went to the Loew-Brenn classroom and edited several settings on about ten machines, necessary to get things to render properly.  I have known about those changes for some time, but I just got around to editing them at this point.  The main changes that I made included turning off Deep Freeze (so that the changes would be saved), supplying credentials for the render shares, specifying another network drive for shaders, and ensuring that the render service would restart if it were accidentally killed.  Also, I had to update the credentials for a couple of services that did not seem to be starting properly.
After that, I took an extremely simple animated scene that I had created and tried to render it, but I still ran into the issues of specifying the proper output directories.  It seems that there are still some major permissions issues, but I still have not figured them out completely.
I am hoping that maybe we can get some time this week to just sit down and really examine where we need to go next.  I still have around twenty computers to reconfigure in Loew-Brenn, as well as obtaining proper output for a single animation.
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