October 22, 2009

Two weeks ago tomorrow…

By Andrew at 10:50 PM
Well, I somehow forgot to post a blog two weeks ago for this MentalRay study.  Looking back, that was a fairly busy weekend because of Fall Work Day, the Lake Sno-Tip birthday party (and helicopter entrance!), and so on.  Regardless, I have now the opportunity to remedy the situation!
Generally, I did much of the same tasks that I had been doing.  However, I was finally able to render to and from the servers, but I was unable to increment the filename for successive frames.  The files just kept getting overwritten.  I tried many different output options, changing the filename, output location, file type, and so on, but nothing seemed to help.  Although I got output, I could only get one frame.  I did try re-exporting the Maya file, but I used a complex project that ended up having many shader issues.  There is nothing like being sidetracked by additional issues.
More to come based on the following week’s endeavors…
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