October 22, 2009

Two steps forward… (or, Not Documenting Enough!)

By Andrew at 10:59 PM
I re-exported the Maya files this week, using the simpler project files instead of the shader-heavy versions.  This helped immensely, but there were still a couple of errors that were produced that did not really effect the output.  I was receiving output, but still with the frame numbering issue.  By the end of the time I spent on the project, I thought I was going to get numbered frames, but there were other issues that prevented the renderer from writing files out.  Frustrating!
I think my next plan of action is to create an extremely simple scene, export it, and then get it to render.  This should be fairly straightforward with what I already know.  Then, I plan to try to get the numbered frames to work.  After that, if I have any time left (or the next week) I will work on ironing out the shader links.  I have several students who are waiting to put some work through the render farm whenever it is operational, so there is a little more pressure on getting this operational (not that there was no pressure before…).
Thanks for reading!
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