September 7, 2009

First Week Challenges

By Andrew at 12:55 PM

For the first week of my independent study, Bob Landon and I spent around two hours trying to install the RenderPAL software and getting the school’s router to allow communication between my machine and the render server.  Although I did not spend much time on the actual render farm, I did learn quite a bit about routing rules, IP address ranges, permission lists, and the headaches of general networking issues.

The installation of the RenderPAL remote client was as simple as a straightforward installer.  There were no major surprises, and it seems to work just fine on Windows 7 even.  Bob had to set up a user account for me so that I will be able to manage render jobs once I start working with the jobs.  I also had to configure the server that I would be managing.  Since the ports were the default ports, this setup essentially consisted of inputting the server name.  But this was the point where I ran into the block on the wireless VLAN.  Once these blocks were resolved, I was able to access the render clients that are in the Loew-Brenn classroom.

The plan for next week is to finish my introduction to the current render farm setup and move on to MentalQueue from there.

2 hours spent this week

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