May 31, 2010

“Iron Man 2”

By Andrew at 7:31 PM
"Iron Man 2" cover
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Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted, mainly due to school finishing up and getting my summer started and all. Regardless, I wanted to go back and review “Iron Man 2” since I had been looking forward to the release of that movie all last school year.

Iron Man 2 starts out with Tony Stark being the superstar he always had been before he was Iron Man. He enjoys his new life, especially the part where he refused to hand over the Iron Man technology to the government, supposedly in the name of “privatization.” Through his new life, people saw him as becoming more and more invincible, and he even began to convince himself of this. But, unbeknownst to everyone else, he was slowly becoming poisoned by the plutonium required to fuel his life-sustaining electromagnet that kept the shrapnel in his chest from entering his heart.

I really enjoyed this movie, but probably not for the reason that most people would anticipate. There were plenty of action sequences, special effects, and gadgets, but I enjoyed most the development of Tony Stark’s character. Tony showed us that although he definitely had a life changing experience which caused him to help the world become a more peaceful place, he was still affected and enamored by the “glamorous” lifestyle he had lived even before his change. He did come to realize, though, throughout the movie, how temporary and precarious life is, even for someone as strong as Iron Man.
There is no doubt that Iron Man was a great movie. But in the same manner as I thought about the first Iron Man movie

 Iron Man 2 is not the best movie ever, but it is definitely a fun, enjoyable movie to experience.