December 13, 2010

Movie Scene Boarding Exercise

By Andrew at 11:38 PM

Here is an exercise that we did in class last week, boarding a scene from a movie using the characters that we created for our last project.

Music Video Story Reel

By Andrew at 12:22 AM

This is my final project for my storyboarding class, which was created from storyboards developed throughout the semester.

November 29, 2010

Christmas Celebration

By Andrew at 11:03 PM

Christmas Celebration Happenings

November 22, 2010

Appliance Super-Hero

By Andrew at 9:31 PM

Part of this week’s assignment was to create a character, a super-hero, based on a topic. The topic my group chose was “Appliances.” So, here I present “Blender Bender!”

Blender Bender

The Blender Bender is a part of the superhero group, the Kitchen Krusaders.

Kitchen Krusaders

Journal Comic for Thanksgiving

By Andrew at 7:21 PM

Turkey Carving

November 16, 2010

Weekly Journal Comic

By Andrew at 9:48 PM

Olympiad Melee Flag Capture

Thief Storyboard Assignment

By Andrew at 9:44 PM

For this assignment, I created a set of storyboards that involve someone stealing something and getting away with it. For this, it was the lady that was stolen. Enjoy!

Assignment from Last Week

By Andrew at 9:39 PM

Here is a set of drawings that we did last week in class, demonstrating the effect that details can have on similar drawings:

November 8, 2010

Music Video: Final Boards

By Andrew at 10:31 PM

Journal Comics for Week of 11/8/2010

By Andrew at 4:47 PM

Parent's Weekend Activities

One Way to Stay in Shape


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