Episode 4 – Star Trek into Darkness

On this episode Andrew and Brendan discuss a much anticipated sci-fi film with extensive film and TV connections, Star Trek into Darkness.

Episode 3 – Iron Man 3

On our third episode, we review the much-anticipated continuation of a Marvel franchise, Iron Man 3 (2013).

Episode 2 – Oblivion

Our second episode reviews our thoughts on the latest Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller, Oblivion (2013).

Andrew and Brendan both give this one a fairly strong “thumbs up” and you should probably watch the film (if you haven’t) before listening as there are some significant spoilers in this episode.

Here’s the BTS featurette discussed toward the end of the episode. Short and definitely worth a watch.

And yes, Brendan and Andrew realized afterward that THX1138 (1971) is set entirely underground despite the fact that they basically ignored this during the review.

Episode 1 – 2012 in Review

Brendan and Andrew discuss some of their favorite films from 2012.


Brendan Shick is currently a sports broadcaster for a minor-league baseball team in Indiana. In addition, he continues to freelance in film production. Brendan studied film production and communication in college, and he has gravitated toward camera work, serving as the director of photography and cinematographer on numerous occasions. He is an avid Star Wars fan, citing the series as his favorite movie of all time.
Andrew Martin Profile Photo
Andrew Martin currently works as a render wrangler for an animation studio in California. Originally from Ohio, Andrew studied both animation and computer science in college. He found his fit as a producer for an animated short film in college, and hopes to revisit production management in the future. An avid barefoot waterskiier, Andrew enjoys staying active outside of work, at least when he is not watching movies.