December 13, 2010

Music Video Story Reel

By Andrew at 12:22 AM

This is my final project for my storyboarding class, which was created from storyboards developed throughout the semester.

November 8, 2010

Music Video: Final Boards

By Andrew at 10:31 PM

November 1, 2010

Semi-Final Boards for Music Video (second half)

By Andrew at 11:06 PM

October 26, 2010

Semi-Final Boards for Music Video

By Andrew at 8:41 AM

October 21, 2010

Music Video: Rough Boards

By Andrew at 6:49 AM

October 11, 2010

Music Video Beat Panels

By Andrew at 11:28 PM

Beat Panels 1-4

Beat Panels 5-8

Beat Panels 9-11

October 4, 2010

Music Video Treatment

By Andrew at 11:27 PM

Here is my treatment of my music video setup for storyboarding class:

Miss Havisham on a space station is practicing being a superhero


Zoom in slowly on space station, drifting in front of the earth, with the moon to the side

Cut to closer shot of space station, starting to see through the windows


Miss Havisham jumps around the bridge, trying to fly but constantly running into the bulkhead

Plowing through the cake in the center of the room, she collapses to the floor, looking defeated

A light starts blinking on the console and she notices it (second line of chorus)

She looks out the front window and notices a huge asteroid in front of the station

She spins the wheel to try to avoid the asteroid, but ends up hitting it

She hits the large button to jettison the main living pod of the space station

As the craft pulls away, we see the rest of the station below the ship, then we tilt up to see the moon in the middle of the shot (end of second chorus)

We see a hose whip back and get snagged around the craft Miss Havisham is in, holding it stationary

She tries to steer the ship to safety, but cannot (end of instrumental)


She leaves the craft with a mask on, then goes beneath the craft

She shoots the hose with her laser vision, breaking the hose and freeing the craft

She climbs back into the ship


She guides the craft away from the asteroid and toward the moon

The ship flies closer and closer to the moon

The ship flies parallel to the surface of the moon

She steers the ship toward the surface of the moon for a landing


She hops out and places her cake on the surface of the moon

Little people scurry over and start eating the cake